The main community activities

Environment, Health, Community Work

"Dolci Libertà" workshop 

This Christmas we collaborated with the "Dolci Libertà" workshop at the Busto Arsizio (VA) district prison.

"Dolci Libertà" is a chocolate-making and patisserie workshop that employs specially trained inmates in their production, to assist their reintegration into the social fabric.

The quality of their products has achieved national and international recognition, and is guaranteed by the utilisation of carefully selected ingredients and state of the art production techniques.

The EnERGia Project

The EnERGia Project was organized by ERG in association with the Office of Social Policies of the Municipality of Melilli. Started in 2012, it was repeated in 2015 and involved more than 1,000 seniors from the Community Centres managed by the Municipality in a physical fitness program held at Melilli, Città Giardino and Villasmundo, and led by expert trainers. 


Culture and Knowledge

Go with the Wind!

This initiative is dedicated to students that completed middle school in the Municipalities in which our wind farms are present. It is a two-part event: a classroom lecture, during which renewable energy, the environment and energy efficiency are discussed; and a guided tour to the "neighbouring" wind farm. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and involved about 1,500 students.


As part of the 13th edition of the Science Festival, whose main theme this year was "Balance", we supported the "Near Future" project dedicated to outstanding students from all over Italy which sought to facilitate the transition from the world of Education to that of Employment. 25 young men and students from the area in which we have deployed our wind farms participated in an event the objective of which was to help to provide guidance to the students in choosing their field of study or profession by organizing meetings with experts and managers from many different fields the industry. 

Communications Festival

Siamo stati sponsor della seconda edizione del Festival della Comunicazione che si è tenuto dal 10 al 13 settembre a Camogli, in provincia di Genova. Il Festival si è articolato in incontri, laboratori, workshop, tavole rotonde, dialoghi con la Rete, escursioni, spettacoli, mostre, cinema, installazioni.

Il tema della seconda edizione è stato il Linguaggio, nelle sue diverse sfumature e nei diversi impieghi, con un particolare riferimento all'importanza che rivestono oggi i social network.

Watch out for the wind!
Che Forza il Vento!)

We are promoting and supporting the new exhibition "Watch out for the wind!" at Explora, the Museum for Children.

The exhibit is dedicated to wind power, and draws young children to discover one of the most important renewable resources used in Italy.
The initiative helps visitors to understand wind energy by playing. The idea comes from the desire to promote and disseminate the subjects related to sustainable use of our planet's resources. 

Light Shows

We supported the initiative of the Directorate of Cultural Goods of Siracusa "

A Paradise to be rediscovered", which opened the Archaeological Park of Syracusa's Neapolis to night visits, installing a light show system. It is one of the most inspiring locations of the city's cultural and natural heritage. 

Boot Camp
We supported the fourth edition of the "Boot Camp", an education event provided to the members of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Genoa Federation of Italian Industries. Theory and practice merge to create useful skills to tackle the difficult scenario that Italian companies are currently operating in.
Preservation events

In 2015 we contributed to the restoration works to the dome of the San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa, built in 1554 and designed by the architect Galeazzo Alessi.

Furthermore, we supported the project to restore the frescoes of Valerio Castello (1624-1659) preserved inside the Sant'Agostino Museum. 

We support the Fondazione Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (National Institute of Ancient Drama) (INDA), which has organized and staged festivals of classical works at the Teatro Greco in Siracusa since 1914, and which promotes the classical culture both in Italy and throughout the world.

The Civita Foundation

ERG supports Civita, an association that promotes and manages Italy's cultural heritage and which protects, promotes and uses its artistic assets through shows, cinema and European projects. 

Disseminating Sustainability
Following the publication of the 2014 Sustainability Report of the ERG Group within the scope of the event carried out on 29 May at the "Waterstone" stand at the Milan Expo, academics, CSR Managers and experts in the field participated in a round table discussion on the issues and trends in disseminating Sustainability.
Within the scope of the CSR IS event - Salone dell'innovazione e della Sostenibilità (Innovation and Sustainability Fair), which was held at the Bocconi University in Milan, we organized the "360 Degrees Sustainable Wind Power" event, during which we presented the development of ERG Renew as an industrial operator in the wind sector who is attuned to the needs of the area and its constituents


Young People and Sports

Electricity Day

Electricity Day 2015 was an event for students of technical institutes in the province of Syracuse. We have been repeating it every year since 2006 and this year it involved over 150 final year students of five technical institutes. On the same day the young adults visited ERG Power's CCGT plant and the ERG Renew control centre at Carlentini.

By doing so, the young people were able to see the two sides of energy production at ERG on the same day, and were able to discuss energy efficiency and the sustainability of electricity production.


(School Project)

Progetto Scuola (School Project) stands out among our social responsibility activities in Sicily. It is a set of initiatives for students of all school levels whose common denominators are their goals of high social value, agreed with local authorities and carried out with their support.

"Un Casco vale una Vita" (Helmets save Lives) is a road safety programme organized together with the Carabinieri in which ERG supports officers in activities that promote respect for the law and road safety in the secondary schools of the province of Siracusa. The series of lessons was linked to a road safety competition in which 250 third-year secondary school pupils, preparing to take their motorcycle driving test, participated.

"Icarus 2015" is a road safety project for secondary school pupils run by the Traffic Police. The initiative involved around 2,000 students from across the province of Siracusa in a series of conferences at school and public events.

"Archimedes, Electra and Riccardo Garrone Trophies": organized by ASD ERG in association with local schools and the Italian Football Federation, they have become classic school sports events in Sicily. The 2015 edition involved over 800 young male and female footballers from 16 junior and secondary schools in the province of Siracusa, who took part in both 5-a-side and 7-a-side tournaments

ERG Sports Centre Syracuse

Renovation work at the "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sport Centre at Siracusa started in 2007. It has now become ian important sports centre supporting the community in the region, with a strong emphasis on young people.
Torneo Ravano 

In 2015 we also sponsored the "Ravano Tournament - the 22th Paolo Mantovani Cup", the greatest school youth competition in Europe; now at its 31st edition it included football, rugby, volleyball and basketball tournaments for boys and girls.

The 2015 edition set yet a new record in terms of participants, with 559 teams, 600 matches played and over 5,600 children attending.

The joy and involvement that comes from playing together, while respecting rules and fair play, represent the spirit of the tournament and these same values have been continuously encouraged for the last 30 years, making this event a key part of ERG Group's efforts to promote and support sports among young people.