We produce electricity from Nature with wind, water, sun and natural gas.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Through our Energy Management and with our production we actively contribute to the balance of Italy's energy system – not only are we producers, but we also contribute to the network services, thus becoming system operators.

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Travelling through our energy


How a wind farm works

Find out how the strength of the wind becomes energy that powers your activities.

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How hydroelectric plants work?

Dams, rivers, conduits: the energy of falling water becomes electrical energy. Have you ever realized that that power plants are not all the same?
Find out how a hydroelectric power plant works in this infographic.

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How a combined cycle technology works

Discover all the phases of the energy production in a combined cycle power plant .

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REMIT - Dati relativi alle indisponibilità programmate degli impianti di ERG - Ultimo aggiornamento

In ottemperanza all'obbligo di pubblicazione delle informazioni privilegiate di cui all'art. 4 del Regolamento 1227/2011 UE su trasparenza ed integrità dei mercati energetici all'ingrosso (REMIT), entrato in vigore il 28 dicembre 2011, nei seguenti file sono presenti gli ultimi aggiornamenti dei dati relativi alle indisponibilità programmate e accidentali di entità maggiore o uguale a 100 MW degli impianti di ERG.

REMIT Hydro 

REMIT Thermo
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