ERG - Evolving Energies

8 March 2018 - Logos can tell stories of times past, making them incredibly contemporary, but they can also mark time or even act as precursors.

The path that led us to the new logo was inspired by the recent history of ERG and sought to convey and visually represent the Group's new "Green" positioning, which will see us broach fascinating new challenges. After almost 20 years ERG has a new logo.

A logo that visually communicates the Group's extraordinary capacity to evolve and move with the times without ever reneging on its most distinctive qualities.

The payoff, Evolving Energies, expressly seeks to underline and celebrate this distinctive characteristic of our Group.

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01 Mar 2018 - Genova

"Manager Utility 2017 - Energy" award for Alessandro Garrone and Luca Bettonte

16 Feb 2018 - Genova

ERG sponsor of the Terni Valentine's Day Marathon

13 Feb 2018 - Genoa

ERG participates in the tenth edition of Wind O&M EU

08 Feb 2018 - Genova

ERG sponsors Umbria Jazz Spring #1


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