Training Ambassadors - Ubaldo

What does a Training Ambassador do?

An ERG Training Ambassador has a solid knowledge of the managerial courses on offer at ERG and supports, when called upon, his/her colleagues in identifying which are most suited to their personal professional development. But not only that…

The Training Ambassador is a curious person who is always enhancing his/her knowledge of his/her own work and passions; he/she is a person who believes wholeheartedly in the value of knowledge and personal development.

In a nutshell, the task of Training Ambassador if to fully embody the training path and to communicate its value to everybody through his/her own example.

Why is training so important to you?

For me training is not just important… it's vital! Vital in that I see life as a wonderful opportunity for learning something new every day through direct experience and reflective learning.

Both theoretical and on-the-job training allows us to satisfy the curiosity that we all harbour inside and to add, every day, an extra string to our bow.

Thanks to my personal experience I have come to the conclusion that by having an open mind, very diverse formative experiences (diverse in subject matter or in the setting the subject takes place) lead to a virtuous process of "cross fertilization" that is fundamental for the realisation of creative and innovative processes.

Let's say that, for me, a day without learning or trying something new is a day wasted!

What do you most appreciate about the training that ERG provides?

ERG dedicates a lot of time and resources to the training of its employees, and this alone in the current market situation should be sufficient for understanding the importance the company places on their development.

But ERG doesn't stop there. The company allows its employees to choose the courses that are most suited to their aspirations and gaps in their training, pushing us to build our own training pathway.

This approach has a twofold value:

To not force people to participate in courses that they're not fully convinced about
To make people feel they are actively involved in their development, sowing the seed of independent learning that, when supported by a fertile terrain of open-mindedness and curiosity, can trigger a virtuous cycle of independent investigation and a sense of participation in and ownership of the company's objectives.

I would say that it would be near impossible to find an approach better than the ERG Group's current one.