Training Ambassadors - Roberta

What does a Training Ambassador do?

We promote corporate training and its importance in the professional sphere. We are spokespersons for the various initiatives that relate to training, and we are available to respond to requests for information and to possibly suggest courses that we, personally, have found particularly interesting.

Why is training important to you?

It is important because it keeps my brain active and provides me with new professional stimuli. Also, it allows me to study subjects that are of particular interest to me, including those outside of my usual routine and work tasks. Furthermore, it helps me to face my work activities with better tools, clarifying how to reach both technical and managerial goals by translating them into defined courses of action.

What do you most appreciate about the training that ERG provides?

I like that it is organised into subject areas, that it is possible to create your own, long-term training pathway, and that you have the freedom to choose which individual seminars to go to.