As part of our approach to Talent Management every year each individual is invited to plan their own training programme. Everyone at ERG is required to adopt managerial behaviour. 
To create value through their results, everyone must be able to manage themselves and their personal resources as effectively as possible. Management training is designed for everyone.

ERG has defined 36 training paths made up not only of seminars, but also of readings, on-the-job activitiesfilms and experiences that can help people to make the step up in quality they planned at the start of the year. Our courses focus on 4 areas: Personal efficiency, Leadership, Innovation and Team.

At the end of the course we measure satisfaction, usefulness and the micro changes affected thanks to the training activity.
In 2016, 96% of people took part in at least one training course.
Source: ERG 2016 Sustainability Report

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Page updated at 25 Jul 2017