Invest in yourself

The protagonist of your development is you! Companies are the catalysts of your growth. ERG's approach views self-awareness, consciousness of one's skills, motivations, talents an values as being the first step in a personal and professional development project. Over the years ERG has put together a set of processes and tools whose purpose is to attain strategic objectives and, at the same time, to optimally manage and develop people:
  • Performance Management
  • Assessment of Potential
  • Management Feedback
  • "Build up your energy" - management training programmes
These processes, together with the People portal, allow everyone to increase their awareness and share information with their supervisors and with Human Capital.
Everyone defines their training plans every year with the support of their supervisors in order to take sight of their growth goals.

A fair organised in Genoa's training spaces in order to meet all the teachers, delve deeper into the contents, discover methodologies and, in this way, build your own training path.

800 interviews, 7 hours of networking with the two Rome and Syracuse offices, 22 teachers involved, 25 seminars, 27 training ambassadors.

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Page updated at 21 Oct 2016